Holistic Acoustic Architecture

Space/environment can be conceptualised in separate parts, yet it is one system. Relating to the total system instead of just to its parts is what holistic refers to: it is the impact of combining sound engineering and architecture disciplines is larger than the sum of the two.

Sonority or sound may appear immaterial yet, like light or air, they determine the way we experience a space.

The holistic approach to sound architecture assumes that listening is not simply a result of the physical phenomenon, but finding also the harmony between space in sound and sound in space. Every space defines its sound and every sound can define its space.

That is why holistic acoustic architecture goes beyond sound-scaping.

Francesco Pellisari

Lecturer in Applied Acoustics - 1996. Awarded designer. Founder of NACSound - 1997. Specialising in the production on innovative acoustic technology (e.g. Omni-directional speakers) - 12 patents holder. Numerous exhibitions including Victoria & Albert Museum, Centre Pompidou.

Laura Montanini

Chartered Architect with more than 20 years of professional experience in Italy and the UK. Worked along world-leader designers and architects including Ingo Maurer. Background in music education. Works with NACSound since 2005 on holistic acoustic projects.

Andrea Cestonaro

Industrial designer with a specialisation in high-tech products.

Paolo Andriolo

Creator of the awarded Pathos amplifier. 30+ years of experience in acoustics.