Re-inventing the wheel

The Freewheeler XX is the new version of Francesco Pellisari and Ron Arad’s famous round speaker, redesigned and updated after 20 years.

The new version, available from early 2019, is a significant improvement on the original model.

The lacquered wood case is now the result of artisanal lathe, that allows for faster manufacturing, reduced costs of production, better curvature, a stronger structure and easier access to internal components for maintenance and any future upgrade.

Sound quality has also been improved with the use of a new analog amplifier and crossover.

Bluetooth 4 wireless connection is now available instead of the previous, proprietary wireless system, allowing the speaker to connect directly to a wider range of devices and, at the same time, reduce the wire clutter in your sound system.

A new internal battery is now capable of 20% extra play time and extended durability over the years.

The final result is possibly even closer to the original design by Ron Arad, with a diameter that can range from 40 to 60cm and the option to completely customise the colour of the finish.

Each Freewheeler is a high-quality wireless speaker, custom-made, numbered and signed by Francesco Pellisari.

20th Anniversary Limited Edition

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the project, a special edition of the Freewheeler speaker has been manufactured in the limited number of 10 items.

The 20th anniversary edition Freewheeler features a diameter of 80cm, larger and more powerful speakers with a 500W total power and a special black lacquered finish.