The Shape of sound installation explores the physical form of sound, through the acoustic art installation  and a multidisciplinary symposium.

Sound installation in Venice 2017. 

Ron Arad, Michela Varvaro, Laura Montanini, Paolo Andriolo, Carlo Oldrini, Clino Trini Castelli.


The initiative emerges from 20 years of applied research and practice in the field by Francesco Pellisari, who has dedicated his life to capturing the shape of sound, creating a series of acoustic sculptures that are, today, sought-after by collectors. At the centre of the Symposium debate are the attributes of natural sound: a sound in which coherent waves, such as the unidirectional waves emitted by mass-produced electronic devices, do not exist. The waves of natural sound are, instead, omni-directional, and non coherence, perfectly echoing nature.