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Francesco is an artist with a passion for technology who, for the last twenty years, has conceived of sound and form in radically new and innovative ways. He is a visionary luthier, who treats his unique creations as if they were musical instruments.


With Francesco, art meets science: technology, shape, material and craftsmanship all come together to create unforgettable emotions. The shapes of his objects are timeless: cones, spheres, wheels.


The materials are the ones used by man for millennia: ceramic, wood, metal, artfully assembled to create the perfect synthesis betweenform and function. The sound is omnidirectional, with a sound source that is perfectly natural, as if the performer was in front of the listener.


An audio sculpture for Francesco is an omnidirectional experience that transforms the space into the natural expression of music, involving all the senses: speaker and environment become one, and one could not exist without the other. 


Francesco’s father was part of an Italian cultural movement called Gruppo 63, and Francesco grew up surrounded by forward-thinking sculptors, painters, poets, designers, musicians and craftsmen.


In his youth he was spotted by Italian violinist Ronald Valpreda (first violin in the famous classical music group Solisti Veneti) for having the absolute pitch, also referred to as the perfect pitch. Growing up in such a stimulating environment, Francesco developed a passion for music, sound, sculpture and design.


Gradually his artistic goal became the creation of audio sculptures capable of conveying the same emotions as live performances. Throughout his career, spanning more than two decades, Francesco started the company NACSound and established some remarkable professional partnerships with engineers, artists and designers such as Ron Arad and Ingo Maurer.


His work is protected by several international patents and has been subject to numerous imitation attempts. His mentor was music researcher Roy Allison, one of the leading acousticians of the 20th century. Alongside his loudspeaker designer career, he has developed an original conception of the sound sculpture, leading to the creation of unique pieces of art.


His consultancy and engineering services continue with the amazing team of professionals at NACSound.


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