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Dimension: diam. 58 cm, width 25 cm, Weight: 38 kginternal Power amplifier: 150 WrmsEffective frequency range : 48 Hz-18.000 Hzwireless reception range: 100 mCabinet acoustics: pneumatic suspensionCabinet volume: 42 LWoofer: 142 mm, aluminium basket, Tweeter: 19 mm, neodyniumiTechnology wave emission: stereo emission in a single body

Freewheeler is a cordless stereo speaker wheel that can be rolled around, indoors or outside. Made of high-quality lacquered wood, it has the unique quality of generating a high quality stereo sound from one component instead of the usual two separate elements. With its own built-in receiver and amplifier, all you need is a CD player, your favourite music and away you roll!


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