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I would like to help during this difficult time, so I offer you some ideas and solutions that I have came up with.

Rigid Mask with Natural Internal Ventilation

Here is a .stl file (86 MB in size) that you can print with a simple 3D printer and then use with the FP3 and PM2.5 filters which are readily available on the market. I used elastic shoelaces for fastening, but you can use any other suitable material. 

razza trasparente.png
razza filtro.png

This design, using two printed pieces with a disposable filter in between, can increase by 70% the breathable air flow and reduce fogging.

Light and UV

A lamp that uses 394 nm UV LEDs to destroy the coronavirus particles based on the principle of resonance. The UV frequency used is not dangerous to the eyes or the skin.

I have also inserted a LED that can be used for regular lighting. Users can select via a remove control the three available modes: UV, Light and Both.

As a security measure, an internal infrared sensor will deactivate the UV and switch on only the regular LED for 30 seconds if human presence is detected.

These lamps are not certified because to date no laboratory has wanted to do the certification, but to date 112 families in Italy, England and China are using them and no one has contracted COVID-19.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in getting a CALLA (contact details below).

Screen Shot 2020-08-29 at 15.31.01.png


UV-A 100W, UV-C 5W

Switch on the UV function to sterilize 96% of a regular 1 m2 desk surface after 30 minutes. An area of 100 m2 can be sterilised after 6 hours. 


Solar LED light 100W

Switch on the Light function to work in the office with the right lumens and temperature

regular light.png
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